Terms & Conditions

A 50% deposit will be taken at time of booking – cancellation within 72 hours of trip commencement will result in forfeiture of the deposit

Payment in full is required at the beginning of the trip and will be charged to the credit card provided

Changes to the agreed itinerary (duration, destination etc.) after confirmation of the booking must be agreed to by D3

No smoking is allowed in any D3 vehicles

D3 reserves the right to terminate the trip or eject any objectionable passenger or those using drugs, intoxicants or behaving in an unsafe manner, at the discretion of the driver without refund

Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity of seven passengers

D3 is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal items in or around the vehicle

Clients are to be seated at all times while the vehicle is moving – D3 will not be held responsible for injuries suffered by the client or their guests

Physical or verbal abuse towards the driver/agents of D3 will not be tolerated - the trip will be terminated immediately, without refund

Additional fees will be charged to the credit card provided for damages to and cleaning of the vehicle, subject to the cost incurred by D3 for the required maintenance

If, for any reason, the client is not fully satisfied with services provided by D3, a 12-hour window following completion of the trip is open to file a formal complaint in writing. The client will be contacted within a week, to settle the matter

Gratuities provided to the driver are solely for benefit of the driver, and are appreciated

Privacy Statement - all personal information collected by D3 is with the client’s consent upon booking. D3 will not share your personal information with others, without permission, except where required by applicable law